Hardscaping as the word implies does not only carry the idea of patios and walkways but also includes all of the non-living components of your landscape like retaining walls, outdoor kitchen, outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, waterfalls, ponds, pergolas, planting beds, outdoor lighting, decks and others.  The reason why hardscaping is very important in landscape design is because it greatly increases the property value, and it also increases you living space.  And this living space is an augmentation of an additional space that is not found elsewhere in your home and not necessarily to enlarge a particular area.


The character of this space in unique and different from the character of spaces inside the housed since the borders are defined with partial embankments, fences, screens, bulwarks as focal points, and others.  Inside our homes, spaces are separated with walls but this is not the same with your outdoor borders.  These walls are important inside the house so that they are separated for different function but outdoors creating a cohesive living space is defined by hardscape components to delineate individual functional areas.


Often, hardscaping is neglected even though it is also an important component of landscaping because most people think of landscaping only in terms of its living components like plants, trees, and bushes.  It is true that landscaping involves mostly living things, but the non-living components are also very important because it plays a vital role in how the plants and other living things are viewed or framed.  In areas of fixing-up grade issues, this is especially true.  The Tree Removal Hanover are expert in these.


If you have an uneven lawn, you will have a lot of problems compared to an enclosed environment.  This includes soil erosion, water drainage, inaccessible areas, dirt and mud, slips and etc.  If you add a retaining wall, soil erosion can be prevented and a flat space is created so that plants will grow.  Adding a pathway or stairs can make the top or bottom of a steep slope more easily accessible.  If you want to smoothen out your slopes or bumpy areas of your load, then, then adding a patio can help a lot.  With apths and sidewalks it can send clear signals to direct you somewhere and so you don't step on the grass to destroy them.  Even those fire pits and fire places will ensure you to have an extended time outdoor even when it gets cold and unbearable.


With hardscaping, you don't only enhance the aesthetics of your plants, trees, and other living things, but it also enhance the whole outdoors.  If you are to have a well-designed landscape by Irrigation Hanover contractors, it should incorporate a balance among all of these components.



And this is especially true in drought prone areas where it offers an opportunity to lessen their landscape chore, lower their water bills,and reduce their environmental impact without sacrificing the beauty that they long for.